Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D. received
her undergraduate education at Yale
and trained at New York University in
Performance Studies, the nexus of
cross-cultural studies and arts theories
and practices. As theatre deviser-
director, performance anthropologist,
and author of Vital Mummies:
Performance Design for the
Show-Window Mannequin
Concert Song as Seen: Kinesthetic
Aspects of Musical Interpretation,

Schneider has written extensively on
the meaning of the body in expressive
and material culture. Her current
investigative and creative work deals                                         
with the relationships among movement,
spirituality, and learning cross-culturally,
and she conducts professional development
workshops for public servants, educators,
health-care professionals, and members
of the clergy in using kinesthetic, or
body-based, methods, to learn across
the curriculum and the professions,
including building understanding about
global cultures using a movement-based
perspective. Faculty of the National
College of Education at National-
Louis University, Schneider has also
taught and consulted at the forefront
of learning innovation projects at
the University of Washington and                                                      
Andersen Consulting, among others.
The author can be reached at, and welcomes
comments and corrections for future
editions of Art of Darkness.

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